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A solid Thai family steeped in tradition with fild it and help a village grow with pure natural food, employment and family strength.

Destination – Lamplaimat, Thailand

30 rai of dirt to turn over – we have a small team of 3 this week and community tractor.

4 wells, 4 pools have bought much needed nourishment to our parched land.

The well and artesian pool add greatly to the greenhouse and chicken farm.

Adding the large greenhouse permits us to grow everyday food and start new planting for the farm.

The 40 chickens give us plenty of eggs for the week. And our 2 great roosters let us know when the sun is up.

We can grow fresh vegetables and new fruit trees with great confidence.

Our family village has been blessed by the new expansion at the farm and village greenhouse

Green Living with Natural Resources

Kuhn Su’s brilliant ideas are coming to life thanks to persistence and help from the newest residents in the village.

The Brain Trust – SuZie

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